Regency Retirement Residence

Prarie Rose Sign & Canopy installed a large sign for us last fall. We were very pleased with the sign and their customer service was over and above anything we ever expected. They were here several times to show us what they could do for us concerning styles and color and size available and where we wanted it put. They contacted the electrician and cement workers, we didn’t have to do anything! When the sign was installed we were not happy with the lettering that WE chose for the sign, I called them and I could not believe it, in two days they had exchanged out the lettering part of the sign and we were very happy with the new lettering. The sign was expensive, but when you average out the cost over 15 years or more it is a very inexpensive type of advertising. We have had more calls and people stopping by then we have had from any other type of advertising that we have done. I would recommend Rose City Canopy for your sign work. Thanks again Prairie Rose Sign & Canopy!